Teeth Whitening in Ankeny, IA

Take Home Trays Offer a Dazzling Grin

If you want to achieve a whiter, more sparkling smile, teeth whitening may be the solution for you. Dr. Foust and her team offer whitening trays patients can use from home. Our at-home option provides outstanding results for patients interested in removing unsightly discoloration.

Teeth Whitening from Home

Teeth whitening uses peroxide-based whitening gel to erase dental stains. Dr. Foust will provide custom-made trays and prescribe a powerful bleaching gel. She will then recommend a set amount of time per day to wear the gel-filled trays, typically round 30 minutes. You will wear the trays daily for about one to two weeks for optimal results. Our at-home system is cost-effective and can often brighten smiles by multiple shades.

Benefits of Whitening

Teeth whitening can have significant benefits for your appearance and quality of life. First, the treatment can dramatically enhance the natural beauty of your smile. Second, with an improved smile, you may enjoy an increased sense of confidence as well. Your enhanced self-esteem could have an impact on your social interactions, and even on your professional success.

Are You a Teeth Whitening Candidate?

If you have generally healthy teeth, but you are bothered by discoloration on the surface of your smile, you may be a good candidate for teeth whitening. If you have discoloration that doesn’t respond to traditional whitening techniques, then schedule a consultation with us by calling Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230. Since 2006, Dr. Foust has proudly served the residents of Ankeny, IA, as well as residents from Alleman, Elkhart, Bondurant, and all surrounding communities.