Lose Weight, Improve Your Gums

All the holiday celebrations can really add on the pounds. If one of your New Year resolutions is to lose weight, you’ll also be improving your gum health.

Fat cells trigger inflammation, and your body is better at fighting disease, including gum disease, when those fat cells disappear. A study by the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine revealed that when obese people had gastric bypass surgery where fat cells were removed from their abdomen, gum disease was easier to treat. The weight loss surgery also reduced glucose levels.

Excessive fat cells in the body produce more cytokines that make insulin more resistant to proper functioning, causing more sugar accumulation in the blood. Losing weight makes insulin less resistant and improves diabetic status, which helps responded positively to periodontal treatments. In addition, cytokines and hormones can weaken your immune system to make you more vulnerable to the bacteria that causes periodontal disease. Fat cells also reduce blood flow to your gums, creating inflammation.

Gum disease can cause bone and tooth loss, and is associated with preterm births, heart disease, and arthritis. Periodontal disease is also the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. To reduce your risk of developing gum disease, proper brushing and flossing can restrict the buildup of plaque along your gum line. Flossing helps provide blood circulation to your gums to help keep them healthy. In addition, visit Dr. Foust to spot the first signs of gum disease and treat it early on. Scaling, root planing, and oral hygiene can help treat gum disease, and the study showed that the group who had surgery had less plaque and bleeding in their gums.

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