Dental Bridges

Restorative Solutions For Gaps in Your Smile

It goes without saying that losing a tooth is often the last thing a person wants to experience. Not only are your adult teeth permanent, but missing one or more oral structures can lead to functional, structural, and of course, cosmetic or appearance-related complications. For example, when a person loses a tooth, the remaining teeth respond by shifting towards the empty space to accommodate the missing structure(s). Though this process can lead to a host of increasingly more complex dental health concerns, you can avoid functional and structural complications by having your lost tooth replaced with a custom-designed, highly lifelike dental bridge.

The Benefits of a Custom Bridge

The biggest benefit to receiving a custom dental bridge is the ability to restore your whole, healthy smile. Replacing your lost tooth prevents your other teeth from shifting and helps reestablish your bite’s function, allowing you to once again bite and chew your favorite foods comfortably. Moreover, our team works with you to obtain your smile measurements and create a custom restoration that mimics the size, shape, and appearance of your lost tooth. In some cases, Dr. Foust may recommend supporting your dental bridge on one or more dental implants, which are prosthetic posts made to replace your lost teeth roots.

Functions of a Partial Denture

If you’ve lost several teeth that are not adjacent to one another, then we may recommend a removable partial denture. While a bridge closes a single gap in your smile, a partial denture contains highly lifelike replacement teeth at every point where a tooth is missing. Your partial is supported by a comfortable base that is designed to fit along your dental ridge, and in some cases may also contain small and comfortably-hidden clasps that ensure the partial denture’s stability as you bite and chew.

Regain Smile Confidence With a Bridge

Tooth loss is permanent, but with the help of a personalized dental bridge, you can enjoy a lifelike smile once more. If you are in the Alleman, Elkhart, Bondurant, and all surrounding communities, speak with our team by calling Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA today at (515) 965-0230 and schedule your next dental appointment.