Teeth Whitening

Addressing Stain Development

Everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve their smile goals, and nothing is more disheartening than putting great effort into your care routine and then finding that noticeable stains tarnish the surfaces of your teeth. Over the years, various factors come into contact with your smile, causing it to stain or take on a duller hue. Fortunately, cosmetic teeth whitening can help.

While teeth-whitening treatment can be purchased over the counter at most pharmacies and grocery stores, achieving the type of results you are seeking is best accomplished through professional treatment. Moreover, our team meets you where you are by offering safe and highly effective treatment options, including a single-visit in-office appointment or custom take-home trays.

Efficient and Effective In-Office Treatment

During your appointment, we will carefully apply the strong but safe bleaching agent to the surfaces of your teeth, then stimulate the gel using a special light. As this occurs, the whitening agent activates and begins to break up and remove stains from your teeth’s surfaces. In most cases, individuals begin to notice a difference of up to several shades brighter within the days following treatment. What’s more? Your in-office whitening treatment can be completed in just a single visit, allowing you to more quickly enjoy the benefits of a brighter smile.

Advantages of Take-Home Trays

Between the hustle and bustle of everyday life and responsibilities, it can be difficult to find the time for in-office cosmetic treatment. To help you accomplish your smile goals, our team offers custom take-home whitening trays so that you can enhance your smile at your own convenience. Our professional teeth whitening kit is designed specifically for you and your needs, and consists of the same bleaching gel we use in-office along with custom trays designed with your unique smile measurements in mind. After a careful examination of your needs, Dr. Foust will either recommend dental whitening or a more appropriate cosmetic treatment, such as lifelike porcelain veneers or bonding and contouring treatment.

Enhance Your Smile’s Shine

Teeth stains and discoloration can develop naturally over time, and while they may be frustrating to endure, erasing them can be simple, convenient, and highly effective with the help of professional teeth whitening. To learn more about your cosmetic options, contact Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA today by calling (515) 965-0230 and schedule your next appointment with our team.