3 Reasons To Take The Threat Of Tartar Buildup Seriously

Are tartar formations already causing problems for your smile? At every regular dental exam, any tartar buildup found on your teeth can be removed during your dental cleaning. If you go without preventive dental care, these formations can accumulate and cause serious trouble for your oral health! At our Ankeny, IA dental practice, we can provide important ongoing support to make sure tartar buildup is not able to create issues for your smile. You can make sure you are protected between visits by thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth. This removes plaque buildup before tartar deposits can form.

Cosmetic Dental Work Can Be Surprisingly Conservative

The idea of elaborate or drawn-out dental care can be less than appealing, even if the experience can lead to smile improvements. One reason people hesitate to look into cosmetic dental work is that they can worry that it will take too long, or that the work might be too involved for their comfort. At our Ankeny, IA dental practice, we can offer exciting cosmetic improvements with conservative amounts of work on your tooth structure. Through a single procedure, we can address several flaws that affect your confidence, and the quality of your appearance. Even if you are hoping to make significant changes, you can be relieved to know that much of your healthy tooth structure can be left untouched. (more…)

Let Music Bring Joy To Your Heart

Christmas carol season is officially underway, and holiday songs resonate through Ankeny, IA, whether your preference is funny Santa themes, favorite hymns, or joyful songs centered on Christmas. Ankeny Centennial Choral Music is presenting breathtaking, ear-tingling choral music in three concerts, over two days this weekend. All ages are welcome to hear these gorgeous young voices, celebrating the holiday season. Music can bring joy to your heart, a holiday spring to your steps, and a bright smile to your face. (more…)

Could Your Kids Use More Oral Health Guidance?

When it comes to their oral health, kids sometimes struggle with dental problems because they are unclear on why it matters so much, or what they can do to effectively protect their teeth. Parents play an important role in the health of their kids’ smiles for many reasons. You can help them by limiting their sugar intake, and by explaining how sugar can hurt their teeth. You can also provide guidance on proper brushing and flossing. With all of these efforts, you can count on support from your Ankeny, IA dentist. While pediatric dental exams provide the important preventive care that adult patients enjoy during routine dental checkups, your dentist also takes time to instruct kids on the importance of oral care. (more…)

Has Obstructive Sleep Apnea Become An Issue For You?

When a person develops problems with obstructive sleep apnea, snoring is just one part of their condition that should concern them. In addition to making loud noises while resting, you can struggle to enjoy the full benefits of sleep because you frequently struggle to breathe. This loss of air occurs because soft tissues in your throat cut off your breathing passages, forcing your body to wake in order to address the obstruction. When you awaken throughout the night, your sleep cycle is interrupted, and that makes it difficult for your body to enjoy the quality of rest it needs. Our Ankeny, IA dental office can help you by providing a custom oral appliance that keeps your airways clear while you sleep. As a result, you can once again enjoy the important benefits of a good night’s rest. (more…)

When Is A Deep Periodontal Cleaning Important?

The health of your gums is always important, as you should be committed to preventing issues like gingivitis from affecting you. With that said, a deep periodontal cleaning is not always required when patients come in for their routine dental checkups and cleanings. If you do not show signs of periodontal problems, our Ankeny, IA dental practice can provide a regular dental cleaning, which leads to the removal of harmful plaque and tartar that have accumulated since your last appointment. If you do show signs of an infection, a deep periodontal cleaning removes harmful agents that have gathered beneath your gums and started to affect you. When performed, this advanced cleaning can reverse the effects of gingivitis, and stop the problem before it can worsen. (more…)

What Questions Should You Ask About Bonding And Contouring?

If you often catch yourself staring at a part of your smile that makes you self-conscious, cosmetic dental work can be of interest to you. Cosmetic treatments can help people with major smile flaws, but a procedure can also be ideal for relatively minor flaws that seem to attract more attention than you would prefer. At our Ankeny, IA dental practice, we have experience restoring and revitalizing smiles through dental bonding and contouring. Teeth that look unattractive because of their shape, size, or color can be carefully improved through contouring work, and by applying a durable composite resin material to their surfaces. In as little as one appointment, you can finally be free of the problems that have made you uncomfortable with your appearance! (more…)

4 R’s For Success With Your Smile Protection! 

As you already know, figuring out just what it takes to feel on track and amazing about your smile care is definitely unique to each patient. Some do better by implementing a lot of structure. Others prefer to give themselves incentives. It’s all about getting in touch with the way you work! With that said, fortunately, our Ankeny, IA team can provide you with a foundation from which to build some wonderful smile care habits! The result? Once you’ve sorted out your own approach to the essentials for success, you’ll know you’re doing all that it takes! For today: Let’s focus on the “R” words that are absolutely required!


Hidden Holiday Damage Starting With “W”: Preventing Problems!

Of course, during holiday time, it would be lovely if we knew that the magic of the season could make our smiles immune to any type of damage! Unfortunately, our Ankeny, IA team sometimes finds that patients guess that this might be possible, only to emerge at the other side of the season with issues like cavities or other avoidable damage! So, to ensure you still have an absolutely lovely, beautiful time but without accidentally placing your oral health in jeopardy, we’ve got some very simple means through which you may protect that lovely grin of yours. Consider some possible problems you can prevent … they all start with the letter W … so you easily remain on track and enter spring with a completely healthy smile!


Cheers! Drinks that Support Your Smile

We are entering the family get-together and favorite food and beverage season, but that doesn’t mean your oral hygiene can’t be as good as ever. As you think about family dinners and special restaurant meals, your Ankeny, IA family dentist can offer suggestions to help prevent cavities and keep teeth strong and healthy without sacrificing the treats of the season. Use good sense and maintain your healthy home care habits, and you can sip cocoa with Santa or toast the new year without sacrificing your smile. (more…)