Mac Basics Class

Did you head out to the Apple Store, pick yourself up something new, and all while assuming your long history with PCs was not going to be a problem in the least? Perhaps you thought to yourself, “A computer is a computer, this will be fine!” That is, until you booted up this completely different operating system, realized things weren’t where you thought they would be on the keyboard, and you discovered you were in a bit over your head? If you can relate, then the Mac Basics Class in our Ankeny, IA community will give you the education you need to use Macs with ease!


Chewing Considerations You Should Keep In Mind

You already know that you should consider the amount of sugar you’re eating, that you should rinse as much as you can, and that your daily dental hygiene and long-term professional dental care are all extremely important! However, you may not spend a whole lot of time thinking about your chewing. Did you know that this area of your life (which you perform every day, multiple times a day) can actually lead to significant oral health issues if you’re not somewhat mindful? Why not stroll through some things to think about with our Ankeny, IA team, just so you know you’re not overlooking anything?


Summer: All About Super Simple Smile Safety!

Have you begun thinking about particular measures you may wish to put in place for the summer season, so you can simply relax and stop worrying about your own smile health, as well as the safety of your family’s smiles? If you’re not entirely sure about how to make this happen but you most certainly spend time each summer worrying about accidental damage and more, then you are definitely in luck! Our Ankeny, IA team has the diverse array of particulars you need to keep in mind, so you can have loads of fun (without a single bit of anxiety).


Smile Stain Stoppers: 4 Things To Remember!

Good news on the smile stain front: There are certainly a variety of ways to do your absolute best to stop discoloration from forming altogether! While a bit of natural wear and tear may eventually cause even the most attentive patient to feel like it might be time to schedule a visit for a round of whitening, one thing is for sure: There are decisions you can make that will cause stains to develop very quickly and then there are choices you can make that will dramatically slow down or eliminate the process! Find out what our Ankeny, IA team is referring to, so you can keep your sparkling smile nice and bright!


Times You’ll Be Relieved You Chose Cosmetic Care

Of course, you can very easily imagine instances in which you’ll feel happy about selecting cosmetic care for yourself. However, if this area of smile care is something that crosses your mind frequently but is not something you’ve made any actual movement on pursuing, then it may help you to consider the astounding amount of relief cosmetic treatments can actually bring you! Consider some important details in a new light and remember to get in touch with our Ankeny, IA team soon if you realize you’re very ready for improvement!


Kids In The Kitchen 2019

What’s that? Your kids? Your little ones? Cooking for you and for themselves? My, how the tables have turned! For an exciting, educational, Ankeny, IA event that will help transform your kiddos into little knowledgeable chefs, consider signing your children up for the Kids in the Kitchen series! They’ll go from watching you prepare a meal to actually helping in no time!


Preventive Care: Consider These Benefits

It’s easy to forget about preventive care appointments when you are not in the throes of a particular dental issue. When teeth are healthy, smiles are straight and attractive and everyone is brushing regularly, you might think that hour could be better used somewhere else. Your trusted family dentist in Ankeny, IA reminds you that preventive care is a crucial component in maintaining good oral health, and these appointments have benefits you might overlooking. (more…)

How Important Is It? Checkup Edition

Summertime is upon us! For many families it’s a sigh of relief and chance to relax. For other families its the start of the busy season of travel, summer camp and visits to and from relatives. In the hustle and bustle, don’t forget about dental checkups for you and your family. Dental checkups are very important to lifelong dental health, as they allow your experienced family dentist in Ankeny, IA a chance to catch up on health issues, thoroughly clean your teeth, keep a lookout for orthodontic issues in young patients, watch for signs of oral cancer, and more. (more…)

I Brush My Teeth! What Else?

Congratulations if you are performing one of the most smile-friendly tooth care habits twice a day: tooth brushing! Without good home care it is almost impossible to maintain optimal oral health, fresh breath and smile you can be proud of. However, before you rest on your laurels, your family dentist in Ankeny, IA can offer these additional tips on actions you can take to preserve the health of your smile, and the smiles of your family members. (more…)

Things You Think About Fillings (That Aren’t True)

You may have lots of ideas about dental fillings. Some of them may be spot on! However, some of them may be not quite right. Unfortunately, the ideas you have that are brought about due to misinformation can cause you some serious trouble! In what way, you ask? Well, they may cause you to avoid fillings when you really need them, which can lead to tooth decay that becomes much worse and that can even lead to a broken tooth or an infection! Let our Ankeny, IA team help you better understand some things you may think about this simple yet very helpful restoration, so you know what’s what!