Why Does Your Child Need to Visit the Dentist?

Adults are supposed to visit the dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings. But children? Why do kids need to see the dentist? After all, they don’t even have permanent teeth!

The American Dental Association recommends that children visit the dentist by the age of one year, then regularly after that. Even before the age of one, though, you should swab your child’s mouth daily, gently, with a moist terrycloth towel.

For babies and toddlers, a dental visit serves two purposes. One, it provides an opportunity for Dr. Foust to look at the child’s teeth and gums for developmental assessment. If anything looks suspicious, it’s best to know early. Two, a baby will turn into a child, then a teen and an adult (even though those days seem far, far away). By exposing your baby to the dentist’s office regularly and early, you’ll create a familiarity that will reduce the potential for future fears and apprehension about dental visits.

When a child has his primary teeth and can sit still for more than a few minutes, dental cleanings can begin. So, by the age of three or four, your child may be able to undergo six-month dental cleanings. Dr. Foust offers children’s dentistry, but if your child needs a pediatric dentist, she’ll let you know. Because she’s a family dentist, Dr. Foust will be happy to care for everyone in your household – as well as your extended family and neighbors.

As your child grows and begins to lose his primary teeth, permanent teeth will erupt. At this point, Dr. Foust will again look at development. If she sees reason, she’ll recommend an orthodontist for interceptive orthodontics. Early orthodontic treatment could save your child from long and painful orthodontic therapy later in life.

If your kiddo plays sports, ask Dr. Foust about an athletic mouthguard. Modern mouthguards not only protect teeth and gums against accident, they can also reduce the risk for concussion.

Your role as a parent comes with the responsibility of making sure your child stays healthy. Dr. Foust and our team will offer tips on teaching your child to brush and floss at home. It can be difficult to keep a child on a daily routine of brushing and flossing, but don’t lose heart! With a little professional help, you’ll do splendidly.

Prioritizing dental checkups and, eventually, cleanings for your child will help set the stage for lifelong oral health. Today, people are keeping their teeth longer than ever – sometimes throughout life. You can help your child enjoy the invaluable gift of teeth that last a lifetime. To schedule an appointment for your baby or child, call Dental Impressions at 515-965-0230. Dr. Foust and our team cater to patients of all ages from Ankeny, IA, as well as Polk City, Bondurant, Elkhart, Alleman, and surrounding communities.