Smile Makeover Is No Illusion

What you see on TV and movies isn’t always real. We’re not just talking about the cool special effects that often defy gravity, explode wonders of the world, and morph humans and animals into one being. More than the obvious, many elements of TV and movie stars are digitally enhanced. Flaws are covered, stunt doubles are employed, body-doubles stand in for the nude scenes, and so on. Even when the actors and actresses are displaying their real bodies, they still hide behind layers of makeup and hours of top notch personal training sessions. To think these film stars resemble how the average person looks is unreasonable, even ridiculous.

However, there’s one aspect of them that isn’t fake, nor is it unattainable by monetary, temporal, or other means. Even though they look so impossibly-picture-perfect, their smiles are no camera trick. Smile makeovers are not illusionary. You can have one, too!

Eighty percent of people polled are unhappy with their smile. Why is this number so high, especially considering that over 99 percent agree on the social importance of a smile, and 74 percent believe an unattractive smile hurts your chances for success? We aren’t sure. You can take advantage of the miraculous capabilities of cosmetic dentistry and enjoy a smile you’ll feel great about for the rest of your life. A beautiful smile is scientifically proven to boost your immune system, enhance your mood, and make you appear more attractive.

Dr. Amanda Foust will tailor a smile makeover to your specific goals and dentition. Using conservative cosmetic methods, such as contemporary porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, a gorgeous smile will move from just another TV illusion to a your beautiful reality. Call Dental Impressions in Ankeny, Iowa at (515) 965-0230 to reserve an appointment with Dr. Amanda Foust.