Ankeny Dentist Explains Which Fruits to Eat for Better Smiles

Replace Sugary Snacks with Fruit

Sugary foods, processed carbohydrates, and acidic fruits all top the list for foods that harm your teeth. You may already know about some of the worst foods for your dental health, but do you know which foods can help you have a whiter smile, less risk of cavities, and fresher breath? Our Ankeny dentist, Dr. Amanda Foust encourages you to incorporate these healthy foods into your diet for a better smile.

Eat These Fruits for Fresher Breath

Sugary snacks not only leave your mouth susceptible to tooth decay but also increase your risk of obesity. You can reduce your risk of both of these epidemics by replacing sugary treats with fruit. Apples, oranges, and pineapples, while they contain some form of natural sugars, are far healthier than that donut in the break room or the jar of candy on your desk. These fruits in particular benefit your oral health by encouraging saliva production. Have you ever noticed that even thinking about a bright, juicy orange can cause your mouth to water? This process helps your mouth rinse itself of harmful bacteria and dead cells, giving you fresher breath and a decreased risk of plaque buildup.

Eat This Fruit to Whiten Teeth

Another fruit that can give you a better smile is the strawberry. This tart food gets its signature flavor from malic acid. In large quantities, malic acid can make foods taste sour and sometimes irritate the mouth, but in strawberries, malic acid may offer natural teeth whitening. You can try this home remedy yourself by crushing fresh strawberries into a paste and painting the paste over your teeth. After a few minutes, rinse the fruit paste off of your teeth. The malic acid combined with the tiny abrasive seeds may remove some light surface staining.

Comprehensive Dentistry in Ankeny

Dr. Amanda Foust urges her patients to eat healthier for a better quality of life and a healthier smile. For more information about teeth whitening in Ankeny or to schedule a dental cleaning with our friendly dental hygienists, contact our Ankeny dentist office at (510) 965-0230.