Children’s Dentistry Quiz from Your Ankeny Dentist

, Dr. Amanda Foust.

Q1. Which of the following is a reason to take your child to the dentist?

A. Toothache

B. First teeth have arrived

C. Teeth are coming in crooked

D. All of the above


Q2. True or False: The American Dental Association recommends taking your child to the dentist before he or she turns one year old.


Q3. Which of the following is a ?

A. Baby bottle tooth decay

B. Fluorosis

C. Irregular tooth eruption

D. All of the above


A1. D: While many people believe toothache is the only reason for brining your child to the dentist, preventing cavities first and foremost is of much more importance. In addition, dental checkups for children are about much more than cavities. At an appointment with our friendly family dentist in Ankeny, Dr. Foust will look for developmental issues, and determine if your child will need orthodontics to prevent future dental problems.

A2. True: Your child’s first dental visit should occur before his or her first birthday. At this dental visit, your child can become more familiar with dental care professionals, establishing a good relationship for future visits. In addition, we can help you with tips for caring for your at home.

A3. D: All of the above are reasons for concern when it comes to infant dental health. Baby bottle tooth decay is a result of letting babies sleep with a bottle of formula or milk. This allows sugary substances to attack your child’s teeth, causing cavities. Fluorisis is a dental condition that will present itself in adulthood, but begins in infancy. Babies who are given too much fluoride before their primary teeth erupt, may have permanent white stains on their adult teeth.

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