How Turkeys Chew Without Teeth: Ankeny Dentist Explains

Each November, turkeys everywhere feed families and provide sustenance for holiday parties and gatherings. Travel plans typically ramp up this time of year and so does stress in many cases. Luckily, humans can still indulge in our holiday favorites with the help of teeth. Birds like turkeys do not use teeth to chew and process their food. Your Ankeny implant dentist, Dr. Amanda Foust, discusses how turkeys chew without teeth.

The Avian Digestive System

Unlike humans, turkeys do not start their digestive process by chewing food into tiny pieces. Turkeys use their saliva to begin breaking down food. Then, the food enters the stomach where acids continue breaking down the food; then the food goes through to the intestinal system for nutrient extraction and further processing. The human digestive system does not operate in the same fashion. Although our saliva and stomach acids break down food, we can’t eat hard foods without ever chewing.

Dental Implant Technology

Maintaining chewing ability carries increased importance for humans. Studies indicate that dementia risks increase when patients lose their ability to chew hard foods like apples. An apple a day won’t keep the dentist away, but eating apples can improve mental health. Scientists link the increased blood flow from chewing to higher mental function. A study from the Baylor School of Medicine showed that students whom chewed gum regularly posted better test scores on mathematics exams than students whom did not report regular gum chewing.

Dental implants can provide patients with a reliable, long-lasting tooth replacement solution. Unlike dentures, implants anchor to the jaw and aid in preventing jawbone deterioration. Using dental implants, patients can replace one single tooth or even multiple teeth. Dental implants can restore chewing ability for patients. Many patients report that they can eat their favorite foods again after receiving dental implants. This Thanksgiving, take a look at your oral health. If you suffer from adult tooth loss, consider visiting our Ankeny implant dental office.

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