Ankeny Dentist: Dental Tips When Planning a Pregnancy

Bringing a life into the world is a huge decision. Pregnancy is an incredible experience, and maintaining good health during this time is essential for you and your unborn baby. Most people don’t realize that an important part of their prenatal care should involve a visit to Dr. Foust. Your Ankeny family dentist, Dr. Amanda Foust, offers tips for expectant mothers.

Before You Become Pregnant

When planning a pregnancy, one of the first steps should be an appointment with Dr. Foust. After your oral examination, Dr. Foust will discuss with you whether any major dental procedures are required. During pregnancy, many dental procedures are off the table, so before you conceive try to complete any necessary dental work.

This becomes especially important if you’re showing signs of developing . Pregnant women often experience a swelling of the gums and an increased risk of gum disease due to hormonal changes. If you already show the early signs of this disorder, immediate treatment is advised. A good cleaning is recommended, because during the first and third trimesters, even routine dental procedures must be avoided.

Already Pregnant?

If you are early in your pregnancy, congratulations. At this stage, elective dental care, including cosmetic procedures such as , aren’t advised. Always attend your regular dental appointments, and when entering your second trimester, schedule a dental cleaning. Remember, once you begin the third trimester, cleanings should be avoided.

Morning sickness is an unfortunate aspect of pregnancy. Vomiting increases the amount of acids in your mouth. This leaves teeth susceptible to acid erosion, which allows bacteria to slip past the enamel and cause tooth decay. After throwing up, rinse your mouth with water and wait a few minutes before brushing your teeth. The enamel is particularly weak after vomiting, and brushing could damage tooth enamel even further.

Despite what strange cravings you may have, avoid foods and drinks high in sugar and other starches. They also increase oral acids, as bacteria feeds on the sugary and starchy particles.

After Your Baby is Born

Once your baby is born, make an appointment with Dr. Foust at the earliest convenience. She will provide another examination and recommend any treatment that may be necessary.

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