Ankeny IA Dentist Walks You Through Caring for a Broken Tooth

Teeth are generally very strong. However, bacteria or bruxism (teeth grinding) can weaken them, leaving them vulnerable to structural damage. If teeth break, they must be repaired so that they can function properly. However, even before they are repaired, there are a few important steps you can take to care for your broken tooth. Read below as your Ankeny IA dentist, Dr. Amanda Foust, walks you through the process of dealing with a broken tooth.

Caring for a Broken Tooth

When a tooth breaks, it may take a few moments before the shock wears off and you fully grasp what has happened. Once it sinks in, you may feel like panicking. However, if you are prepared, you can handle the situation well and receive the necessary dental care. The first thing that you can do for your broken tooth is to rinse your mouth with warm water. A broken tooth is vulnerable because bacteria have an easier time accessing its inner portions. Thus, by rinsing your mouth, you can remove some of the bacteria, lowering your risk of infection. Next, you can apply a cold compress to limit any swelling. Then, contact your Ankeny IA dentist for dental assistance.

Repairing a Broken Tooth

To repair a broken tooth, a dental crown must be fitted over top of the damaged tooth. The crown will lend the damaged tooth strength, allowing it to fulfill its daily functions. The crown will also protect it from further damage. Dental crowns can even enhance the appearance of a damaged tooth. For teeth in the front of the mouth, porcelain crowns offer fantastic realism, allowing them to blend in next to natural teeth. For teeth in the back of the mouth, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns offer nice cosmetic results with superior strength owing to their metal under layers.

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