All about Root Canal Therapy

Pretty Smile Blonde GalHave you ever wondered why they call it a root canal? The procedure of alleviating decay and restoring a damaged tooth is named as such because each of your teeth has between one and four root canals. These passageways intricately branch from inside your dental anatomy all the way down to the tip of your dental roots. Dental pulp below the gumline contains blood vessels, nerves and other tissues. Unfortunately, this can be a prime breeding ground for infection. When your roots are infiltrated by bacteria, you may experience the warning sign of a toothache. Fortunately, the remarkable treatment of root canal therapy will halt the spread of infection and save the healthy part of your tooth which remains.

Root Canal Procedures

If you should need a root canal treatment, you will most likely require at least two visits to the dentist to complete the procedure. Your dentist will remove the diseased tissue from inside the tooth and into the pulp. The area will be cleansed and disinfected. Your actual root canals are reshaped, and then filled with biocompatible material and infection preventing medicine. At this point, a temporary filling or crown will be placed while you await your custom-made crown. This crown will be cemented to the area of decay at your next visit.

Why Have Root Canal Therapy?

To put it simply, root canal procedures save you the headache of having to undergo a complete tooth extraction. Once a permanent tooth is extracted or falls out, additional restorative procedures will be necessary to return your mouth to a state of looking and functioning normally. While fixed bridges and dental implants certainly have an important role in dentistry, we always recommend prevention and avoiding more invasive procedures, if possible.


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