What To Do: Hand Cramps And Dental Care

As you know, when you’re making your way through your dental care routine at home, the event requires use of your hands for some detailed tasks. You unscrew or flip up the cap of your toothpaste. You squeeze the tube, while you aim for your brush bristles. You move the brush back and forth, guiding it throughout your mouth. Then, you tear off floss and guide that between your teeth! So, what to do when you’re dealing with hand cramps that make this task seem difficult? We have suggestions regarding where to begin!

Schedule A Visit With Us

Your hand cramps may be the result of so many things! Unintended muscle stress, arthritis, vitamin deficiency, insufficient water intake, and the list continues. To begin, we encourage you to see us! You may just need advice regarding swapping out some of your dental care methods or dental products (for more comfortable gripping and to decrease repetitive motions with your hands).

Make Some Lifestyle Changes

Think about some ways you can improve your daily habits that will reduce cramping hands, so dental care returns to a comfortable experience:

  • Encouraging Discomfort: Ask yourself if there’s anything you’re doing throughout the day to cause arm or hand pain (or to exacerbate it). Perhaps you sit at a desk but you are not set up with an ergonomic workstation. Maybe you’ve been overdoing it with the exercise. Perhaps you are falling asleep on the sofa watching TV instead of sleeping in bed, which causes muscle aches. Make lifestyle changes to see if it helps.
  • Dehydration: Are you drinking enough water? If you are not, the simple detail of becoming dehydrated can lead to muscle cramps (even in your hands). Drink more water!

Protect Your Dental Care Habits By Asking Us Questions

If you want to be sure you’re making the most of your dental care, ask us about anything you need to learn to keep your habits on track. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.