Considering Meditation? It Can Help You With Stress And Dental Anxiety.

You may think that meditating is something that’s only for monks and yogis but that it’s certainly not for you. However, as you begin researching it, you discover that it’s actually all about relaxing your mind and body, clearing your brain of chatter, and achieving mental calm. It’s not magical or for any particular type of person. Instead, it’s something anyone can practice anywhere! Oh, and it can also be quite helpful for dental anxiety and stress. Learn more about how it may positively impact your smile.

Relax With Ease Before A Visit

Do you find that you deal with a lot of dental anxiety before you see us for a visit? We remind you that meditating can be quite helpful. When you sit down, clear your mind, and focus only on your breath, stress, thoughts about dentistry, worries, your daily schedule, and more can all fall away. Thoughts will pop up but you’ll redirect yourself to your breath. After even a few minutes you will have given your nervous system a break to reduce your anxiety. Or, begin with guided meditations that will walk you through step by step.

Relax In Our Chair, Too

Do you find that your dental anxiety is part of your actual dental visit? Taking a deep breath and meditating while you’re receiving a cleaning, filling, or otherwise will help you calm your mind and your body, so you can feel at ease.

Help Treat TMD And Bruxism

Remember that when you suffer from TMD (TMJ disorder) and/or bruxism, we always remind patients to reduce stress. When you reduce stress and anxiety, you are less likely to deal with with muscle tension that often plays into grinding, clenching, and the aforementioned functional dental issues. Meditating is a simple act that can help you calm down and soften your muscles every day, so you offer protection to your body’s every tissue!

See Us For The Calm Care You Deserve

Ready for dental care but you feel a bit anxious? Give us a call and talk with us and we will be happy to set up a visit for you and remind you that we offer relaxing and compassionate care. We can fill you in on all of the information you need. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.