Your Dental Care: When You Really Want An Electric Toothbrush

When you’re thinking that “upgrading” to an electric toothbrush sounds glamorous and wonderful, we love knowing you’re experiencing excitement in regard to your smile health! We also know that as you examine your dental care at home in Ankeny, you may find yourself feeling caught between a rock and a hard place. You figure that you could probably just keep using your manual brush. However, as you try to upgrade, you cannot figure out which brush to buy or if it’s even a good idea. Rest easy! Our Ankeny, IA team is here to help with all of your home care, professional, and dental hygiene needs!

Which Brush To Purchase?

When you’re curious about dental care, remember that our Ankeny team is always happy to help! In this instance, we’d really like you to remember that there’s no reason to become too concerned about choosing an expensive or luxury brush. We often hear from our patients that they assume a very pricey brush is going to be the best electric toothbrush to choose. Actually, finding something that addresses your needs (and preferably something accepted by the ADA, or American Dental Association) is really what you need to consider.

What Compelling Reasons Are There To Switch?

You are more than welcome to keep using your manual brush. However, you may want to start thinking about an electric toothbrush if:

  • Your gums are receding
  • You just don’t feel like you’re doing a good enough job
  • Your arm, fingers, wrist are getting tired or are cramping
  • You’re just interested

What If You Don’t Really Like It Very Much?

If you try an electric toothbrush and realize that you were really much happier with your manual brush, there’s no problem. We applaud you for being adventurous with your dental hygiene! However, when it comes to your dental care in Ankeny, the only thing you need to consider is what works.

What About When You Travel?

What if you’ve started using an electric toothbrush, you wonder? What do you do if you’re heading out of town? Fortunately, you can continue protecting yourself against problems like cavities and more whether you’re taking care of your dental care at home in Ankeny or if you’re traveling! Either find an electric brush that you can easily travel with or switch back and forth (bringing a manual one with you on trips). It’s very easy.

Gain Help From Our Team For Easier Home Care

If you’re in need of help with the details of your home care, don’t hesitate to come in for a visit and to list off your most pressing questions. We will be happy to help. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.