Why Choose A Dental Bridge Instead Of A Partial?

Of course, when you’re heading down the pathway that leads toward your tooth replacement for a tooth (or a few teeth), you immediately find yourself pumping the brakes the moment you begin! You realize that you have more than one option, they both sound pretty good, and that makes it feel like a final decision is going to be nerve wracking! Fortunately, when you get to know the characteristics about solutions for partial tooth loss, including a dental bridge or a partial denture, it’s very easy to quickly determine why you may favor the bridge over other solutions. Let our Ankeny, IA team guide you, so you start to become more familiar with the many benefits a bridge has to offer you!

They Aren’t Going To Wiggle

A dental bridge is fixed. What does that actually mean? It means it’s bonded in place, right where we place it, over your natural teeth. So, it’s a solid device that will give you the stable, highly functional smile you deserve.

You Can Think Of Them As Part Of Your Smile

Remember that since a dental bridge is a fixed device, it’s not something that you’re going to need to take out of your mouth. So, you can actually just get used to having your smile back again. What does this mean? Well, it means you don’t have to spend extra minutes of your day thinking about your smile. It means you can simply clean your smile as usual, which includes brushing your smile and flossing. You’ll just get back to life as usual once you have replaced your teeth with a bridge. Easy as that!

You Can’t Lose Them

Our team wants you to remember that when you select our dental bridge instead of considering a partial, you aren’t going to have anything to “keep up with” that’s outside of your mouth. The bridge is fixed, which means it’s staying put 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s no forgetting to put your device in, accidentally leaving it behind, or losing it! You just go through your daily life with your usual routine and then, even if you stray from it (perhaps you have to travel, etc.) you bring your full smile with you without any extra effort!

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