Your Local Dentist Explains: Detecting Symptoms

As you investigate the importance of prevention, particularly coming in for dental checkups, you will discover we talk a lot about the fact that you won’t always notice that there is any problem because there might not actually be any obvious symptoms. As a result, you may think to yourself: Well, if there aren’t symptoms, then how can anyone figure out that something is wrong? Doesn’t that mean I’ll have an oral health problem getting worse and worse without anyone realizing it? Your local dentist would like to explain more about how changes are found and why if you take a complete approach to prevention, there’s nothing to worry about!

You Might Feel Something New

As you have heard, you might not notice that you have any changes whatsoever affecting your smile. However, don’t let this convince you that symptoms never show up. They frequently do make an appearance. In many cases, this may require you to rely on your instincts and your power of observation as it applies to how your smile feels. Does it hurt? Do you feel a lump or bump? Is there something else that causes you to simply think that your mouth feels different than usual? Let us know when you call our practice! This might be a signal that you need our care.

You Might See Something Different

Of course, in addition to the sensation of touch and your intuition, you may also develop symptoms that you can very easily see. Don’t ignore these, suggests your local dentist. Instead, pay attention to any changes that have taken place, even if they are slight. Maybe you notice that the color of your tooth changes and it looks grey. Perhaps your gum tissue usually looks calm and pink but it changes and appears inflamed and red. Tell us! Rely on your sight.

We Can See (And X-Ray) For The Clarity You Don’t Have

Maybe you don’t feel any changes, you don’t see anything at all, so you figure there are no symptoms. This is when your dental checkups come into play and save the day. It’s also why you should always keep them on the calendar twice a year. In the times when it’s still early or symptoms haven’t developed, your local dentist’s trained eyes and advanced imaging will detect the changes you cannot! (Then, we can fix them).

Detect Symptoms By Seeing Us For A Checkup

If you come in for checkups two times every year, you will discover that we can find symptoms when you haven’t noticed any changes. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.