Pumpkin Treats For Autumn Q&A: Smile Friend Or Foe?

The second the weather changes over to feeling even the slightest bit chilly, you can rest assured that you will begin seeing pumpkin-based treats popping up all over the place! You’ll see pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin hot cocoa, pumpkin soup, and the list will continue to grow the cooler it gets. While you may have always thought of pumpkin as a healthy option for your smile health, you may be wondering about the details. Are all things “pumpkin” going to be prove good for your teeth and more? Or, do you need to be careful about making your selections? Let us begin offering some guidance with a Q&A.

Questions and Answers

Question: I love pumpkin spice lattes. I keep hearing that pumpkins are full of vitamins and good-for-you minerals. Does that mean these beverages are a wise autumn-time choice for my smile health?

Answer: Just like we talk about with you during checkups and cleanings, it’s always important to take a closer look at what you’re planning on eating. While a food or beverage may contain pumpkin or a pumpkin extract, that’s not the same as taking a bite out of a piece of pumpkin. Remember, if the food you’re consuming is high in sugar or is acidic, it’s not safe for your smile. This is particularly true of sweet drinks that coat your oral tissues, so sip with caution!

Question: I love pumpkin everything! How do I know the safe way versus the unsafe way to eat pumpkin this fall, so I’m actually benefiting my smile health, rather than leading my mouth toward problems like tooth decay?

Answer: It’s easy. If it’s just pumpkin, you’re safe. If you’ve added salt, pepper, or a bit of cream or butter, no problem. It’s when you add sugar or anything acidic into the mix that the once-safe pumpkin turns into a smile-hazardous meal!

Question: So, about those nutrients in pumpkin that are supposed to be advantageous for my smile health? Are pumpkins really something to rave about for autumn in regard to protecting my grin?

Answer: Our team is happy to inform you that pumpkins really do provide oral health benefits and overall wellbeing benefits. Nutrients include vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B6, copper, zinc, and more!

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