Q&A: Your Local Dentist Talks About Porcelain Care

If you’re excited about the changes you’re going to make to your smile with porcelain, whether that means you’re going to receive veneers or you are coming in for a porcelain crown, one thing is certain: You might end up with a whole lot of questions because you’re just not sure what to make of this. Sure, knowing your smile is going to look beautiful through the work of your local dentist is fantastic. However, you want to know it’s going to last and be worthwhile, too! Our Ankeny, IA team can put your worries to rest very quickly with simple yet powerful answers!

Questions and Answers

Question: If you make a crown or my veneers out of porcelain, won’t that make my smile extremely fragile? I want my oral health to be in good shape and my smile to look beautiful but not at the cost of having to be extremely careful.

Answer: Your local dentist reminds you that the way we construct porcelain for use in dental work is extremely resilient and strong. It’s important to recognize that it can hold up for many years and is made to withstand the daily (enormous) pressure of your jaws as you eat, speak, etc.! You may simply go about life as you would with natural teeth.

Question: Won’t porcelain stain easily? I really want porcelain veneers in order to overhaul the appearance of my smile but I want the results of my smile makeover to last.

Answer: Good news from your local dentist: The brightness of your porcelain work, whether veneers or crowns, is going to last. That is, if you actually care for your smile as we recommend that you do. Remember, when you keep either artificial or natural tissue clean, it resists staining quite well.

Question: So, how am I supposed to care for my smile once I receive any type of porcelain dental work? Will I need to do anything differently?

Answer: Your local dentist is happy to report even more wonderful news! Your care that you have already streamlined can remain as it is. Keep in mind that the removal of plaque, food particles, bacteria, and staining pigments from your smile is necessary for natural teeth and for artificial tissue, too. So, keep up with the brushing, the flossing, and the professional visits with our team for success!

Enjoy A Beautiful Smile With Our Care

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