Why Candidacy For Dental Implants Is Relative!

You might think that candidacy for dental implants is black and white. It’s a yes or no, you figure. Unfortunately, this is the type of thing that keeps patients away from our Ankeny, IA practice, as they simply assume even though it’s something they want for their smiles, it just might be something they cannot attain. Good news: Candidacy is, to put it in different terms, relative! Not sure what we mean by this but you love hearing that even if you assume you’re not a good fit for implants, this might not be the case? Learn more and get ready to smile!

You May Feel Ready But Your Budget Isn’t There Yet

Remember that candidacy is sometimes all about your own needs and feelings. Your mouth may be perfectly healthy and ready for the placement and restoration of dental implants. However, you may have financial preferences and plans that mean you’re not quite ready at the moment. Does that mean you cannot have them (or that you have to either select implants now or never have them)? Nope. It just means it might not be working out at the moment. Patients may rely on other prosthetics like bridges or dentures until the time is right.

You May Want Implants But Emotionally, You’re Not Ready

You might feel completely excited about the idea of dental implants! They check off all the boxes when it comes to your wants and needs from tooth replacements. However, our team knows that sometimes, you’re just not ready emotionally! Maybe the longer process of receiving them isn’t something you can make work right now. Perhaps oral surgery overwhelms you but you can work your way up to it. Again, this is fine, as implants will be an option when you’re ready for them.

You May Be Ready To Go But Your Smile May Need Time

Of course, it’s also possible that you may personally feel completely ready to move forward with dental implants but your smile isn’t ready. This doesn’t end your candidacy. Instead, it just may mean you require some amount of restorative care or specialized care from an oral surgeon (such as jawbone grafting) to become a candidate. Don’t worry: We’ll tell you just what to do.

Learn More About What To Think About Implant Candidacy

Before you make any assumptions about candidacy for dental implants, remember that qualifying for them is multifaceted and something you can work on with our help. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.