Family Dental Care: Some Things To Be Grateful For!

Of course, we don’t assume that the first thing out of your mouth at your Thanksgiving gathering, as you go around your meal table discussing what you’re thankful for, is that you are grateful for family dental care (though we wouldn’t be disappointed if this were true!). However, we would like to do our best to infuse your experience this holiday with some reminders of things that are certainly worthy of such an honor. What might one feel particularly thankful about in regard to family dentistry, we wonder? Explore this topic with our Ankeny, IA team and you just might find yourself feeling surprisingly kindly toward smile care in a way that you never imagined!

Grateful For Sealants And Fluoride!

When you realize as a parent that kids don’t immediately pick up expert-level brushing and flossing skills, which means your kids’ smiles are more vulnerable than you thought they would be to problems like decay and gingivitis, dental care is always such a relief. The addition of pediatric treatments like sealants and fluoride is what can really make you feel happy about family dental care. This aspect of preventive protection that’s geared specifically toward your kiddos means you can calmly support your children as they improve upon their dental hygiene techniques.

Those Super Lovely Smiles!

Yep, they can be a handful to protect, but remember when you look around at the smiles of your loved ones (little ones and adults included!) that the effort in seeking out and relying on family dental care is something that guides you. With prevention, restorative care, and more, you have been able to keep every family member’s smile looking lovely, feeling good, and functioning at full capacity! Now, that’s certainly something to feel thankful for!

Dental Hygiene

Nope, you’re not feeling too grateful for dental hygiene when the kids are crying because they don’t want to do it (or when you feel like crying because you are too tired and don’t want to brush and floss either!). However, when you consider the majority of your experience, which is the fact that family dental care primarily includes the very easy brushing and flossing (that takes very little time), which keeps your family’s smiles clean, healthy, working, and comfortable, it’s something to feel good and even thankful about!

Receive The Dental Care Your Whole Family Deserves

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