For The Love Of Eggnog! Drink Less Of It!

Yum! Your local dentist understands why you might absolutely love this time of year if you have a deep and unshakeable passion for eggnog. As you may have noticed, our Ankeny, IA team encourages you to drink a little less of it, if you can manage that! Or, of course, just become as mindful as you can about following it with a glass of water (and then following that water with the decision to brush your teeth). Why is this so important, you wonder? Well, it happens to be a triple threat to your oral health! Allow us to explain.

It Can Dry Your Oral Tissues

We would like to remind you that eggnog is a cheery drink that frequently contains liquor! If this is the case, then you’re imbibing a beverage that contains alcohol. Still not sure why this is an issue for your oral health? As your local dentist explains, it’s problematic because alcohol is known to be drying! Don’t forget that it can dehydrate your mouth (which may then cause bad breath and cavities) and your overall body. So, drink plenty of water if you’re choosing eggnog this year!

It Can Make Sleep Apnea Worse

Are you a sleep apnea sufferer? If so, then you are likely already familiar with some of the lifestyle choices your local dentist has discussed with you that can either make your sleep disorder better or worse. For instance, if you drink alcohol (especially late at night), it can make things more complicated. You might think that this is a good idea because it can make you feel tired. Unfortunately, it makes your muscles relaxed, too, which is the opposite of what you want for your sleep. You need throat muscles to remain active, so they don’t collapse as you sleep!

It Can Encourage Acid Erosion

Did you realize that eggnog encourages acid erosion (which is when acids or an acidic environment in your mouth slowly eat away at your tooth’s outer tissue, called enamel)? First, the alcohol in your eggnog will contribute to this problem. Next, the sugars in eggnog will contribute! It’s a one-two punch. Limit your eggnog intake, suggests your local dentist, or remember to rinse after you drink it!

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