Holiday Tree Pickup: Be Ready January 7!

The glorious, lovely, breathtaking and sometimes exhausting holiday season is drawing to a close. As visitors return home, and work and home schedules resume their regular patterns, life begins to settle back to normal.  As you clean and straighten, returning rooms to their non-holiday settings, you may wonder “What should I do with my Christmas tree?” Some trees pack back into boxes, and others are meant to be planted outdoors, for a new life. If your tree is destined for the curb, the City of Ankeny is ready to help you help the environment by picking up holiday trees for recycling.

When Should I Put My Tree Out?

Trees must be at the curb no later than 7 am on Monday, January 7, 2019. The city cannot say exactly what time or day your tree will be collected, but they will travel through the city during the week of January 7 -11.

Can I Put it Out “As Is”?

Before putting your tree at the curb for collection, remove all ornaments, decorations and lights. Also remove any tree stands, and if you used a tree bag to remove it neatly from your house, remove the tree bag at the curb, and dispose of it with your regular trash. Please make sure your tree is placed out of the traffic pattern, and that it will not be blown or pushed into the street while awaiting pickup.

Are Other Trees, Branches or Brush a Part of this Pickup?

Sorry, this event is only to recycle holiday trees. All other yard waste will be picked up according to the regular schedule.

What If I Live In A Private Development?

City crews are prohibited from accessing private property, but you may bring your tree to any city curb, and place it in the right -of-way (the grassy area between the street and sidewalk). If you are not sure where to place your tree, please reference the How May I Learn More information below.

How May I Learn More?

Visit the City of Ankeny recycling events webpage for more recycling information and contact information for questions on this and other events.

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