When You Say, “My Smile Doesn’t Feel Good!”

You know when you don’t feel good that you can reflect back on other instances and usually figure out what’s going on. Maybe you have a headache from tension and you can piece the details together. Perhaps you have sniffles and know it’s a cold. The list goes on. When you’re in doubt, you head to your doctor! So, what are you supposed to do, you wonder, when you know that your smile doesn’t feel good but you don’t know why? How about when you have never experienced these symptoms before? What if you have? There’s always one answer that you can come back to no matter what: It’s time to see your local dentist in Ankeny, IA! Not sure why this is always the answer? This is very easy for us to explain!

When You Don’t Know What’s Wrong

Maybe you have not a clue what’s wrong but you know your oral health needs help. It’s important to see your local dentist because an undiagnosed problem needs diagnosing and treatment. Otherwise, it can cause some complications down the line that you won’t be happy experiencing! Treat your smile right now.

When You’ve Had This Feeling Before

Perhaps you have experienced tooth decay in the past and when you experience a particular symptom, such as sensitivity or a toothache, you think that you must have a cavity again. It’s important to remember why no matter what, you should come in to see your local dentist ASAP even if you recognize a problem:

  • That problem needs to be fixed by our team!
  • You may discover that the symptom of one problem ends up being identical to another, so you cannot make any assumptions about your oral health!

When You Are Feeling Just Fine!

Perhaps your smile was a bit under the weather and you weren’t sure what to do. Then, you woke up the next morning and your smile felt perfectly fine again! Wow, you think to yourself, you can simply get on with your life. No need to see your local dentist, right? Well, actually: Unless it was something simple like a canker sore or irritation from eating something hot, this may have been a quick warning that you need dental care. Call us to set up a visit! At the very least, remember that you must schedule preventive dental visits twice a year, so be absolutely sure to schedule your next one (even if everything feels perfectly fine).

See Your Local Dentist Soon For A Beneficial Checkup

Remember that checkups are always to your benefit because you either find out that your smile is still healthy or you receive suggestions regarding how to make it healthy again! Win win! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.