3 Ways To Make 2019 Easy Or Difficult

When you think about the entire year ahead, beginning with today, you realize that there’s an awful lot of 2019 leftover. Maybe you even have a streamer or some confetti still lying about from your New Year’s Eve party. What you should do as a result is grab hold of the promise that the year has to offer, so you can make it oh so easy as we discuss your smile health! However, it’s also quite easy to ignore the simple steps you can take and, then, to make your life much more difficult in regard to your grin. Which will it be, our Ankeny, IA team asks? Consider the options and how taking action (or not) will affect you!

#1: Brush And Floss (Or Don’t)

Our team reminds you that one of the best ways to make 2019 super duper easy in regard to your smile health is to brush and floss your teeth. When you do this, you remove plaque. You prevent tartar from forming. Then, since you’re keeping up with this fact, your smile stays clean! However, if you don’t, 2019 is going to end up being a bit more challenging. You’ll probably develop gingivitis or cavities and then you’ll need treatment in order for them to go away and for your oral health to be okay again.

#2: Plan Early For Two Visits (Or Don’t)

Of course, another detail to take into consideration in order to enjoy the best of the best for your smile health when you’re making your way through a new year is to be sure you plan your dental visits with us for cleanings and exams. Since it’s the type of thing that can slip your mind until it’s quite late in the game, we suggest scheduling and planning for them nice and early. Or, if you just don’t find the motivation and procrastinate, you may realize at the end of the year that you’re behind by two visits, which are supposed to be six months apart, which just doesn’t bode well for your grin.

#3: Set Goals In The Beginning Of The Year (Or Don’t)

Want something for your smile? Maybe you have had your sights on fixing the way your smile looks, whether due to a misalignment concerns, stains, etc. Since you’ve still got the whole year, make it easy by starting to plan now. Otherwise, you may realize by the end of 2019 that it’s a goal that’s not going to be realized until 2020.

See Us Soon For Essential Smile Care

When you take the time to schedule dental visits, which will allow you to receive any type of dental treatment you need for your smile, you maintain a healthy grin now and into the future. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.