Dental Bridges: A Q&A For Things You Aren’t So Sure About

Our Ankeny, IA team is well aware that though you may feel intrigued and relieved at the prospect of being able to address your partial tooth loss with something like a dental bridge, you may also be struck with another sensation: A whole lot of uncertainty! Though there may be something about a bridge that initially catches your eye, making you think it could be a wise selection, you may also begin doubting yourself. After all, there are other treatments. So, how to select the right one? We can offer you both initial answers and then thorough guidance from start to finish, as you replace your missing teeth!

Questions and Answers

Question: I have heard that a dental bridge is often beneficial for individuals with tooth loss because it can stop the teeth that are left in one’s smile from moving out of their original places. Is this true and can the loss of teeth really lead to misalignment?

Answer: It is very true that teeth remaining after tooth loss will move. They do this to “compensate” to fill the open spaces but it can leave you with a not-so-straight grin. When you choose a bridge, it fills the spaces, so all will remain in place.

Question: Is it true that I can choose a dental bridge to replace a tooth or multiple teeth either with support from my own teeth or with dental implants? How do I decide?

Answer: It’s true! You may wish to select a traditional bridge or an implant-supported bridge. Learn more during your visit.

Question: Why might a dental bridge be a better option than choosing to rely on a partial denture for my partial tooth loss? Can you explain any impressive benefits or things I haven’t considered?

Answer: We encourage you to think about what you really want for your smile and your daily experience. Remember that a bridge is fixed, which means permanent. However, a partial is removable. So, a bridge offers somewhat better stability, you cannot lose it, and you’ll clean it as part of the rest of your smile. You may or may not like this more than a partial denture, which may not offer as much stability, that you will clean by removing from your mouth, and that you will have to store. For some, removability wins over other details. Weigh the pros and cons for your decision.

Find Out If A Bridge Is Right For You

Learn more by coming in for a consultation for your tooth loss regarding whether a dental bridge may be the right prosthetic solution to help you regain your complete smile! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.