Do I Need A Filling Or Crown Or…?

In many instances, we discover that patients assume that no matter what, if they have a cavity, they are going to need a dental filling. In many, many cases, it’s true that a filling is going to be the suggested means of treating existing tooth decay. However, this isn’t always true! Sometimes, you’ll need some other form of restorative care in order to treat the problem, rescue your oral health, and get you back to enjoying life with a smile free of decay. So, what’s it going to be, you ask our Ankeny, IA practice? Stay a minute, as we walk you through the details.

When You Need A Filling

You are going to need a dental filling with us when you have tooth decay that has not given bacteria entrance into your tooth’s interior and deeper chambers. You will also need a filling when the extent of the damage caused by decay is minimal enough for us to use composite to replace the missing tissue. Remember that fillings are usually the restorative care treatment of choice for mild to moderate cavities but not for extremely severe ones!

When It’s Time For Something Else

It may be time for a dental crown (and you may learn that you are going to need a root canal treatment) when you are dealing with more severe tooth decay. Consider the following:

  • When a large amount of your dental tissue has been damaged by decay, a dental filling will not leave your tooth structurally sound. You may require a dental crown as a result.
  • To offer you effective restorative care when bacteria have gained entrance into your tooth, you may need a root canal to address an existing infection or to prevent a future infection. So, larger, deeper, more extensive cavities may need something beyond a filling!

Getting Started

If you’re starting to get the idea that you probably cannot figure out which type of restorative care you need from us without seeing our team for a dental checkup, then you are correct! We suggest that you get started as soon as possible if you think you are dealing with tooth decay by calling our team. It’s very easy to do. You’ll simply come in for an examination, you will receive our diagnosis, and then we can move forward on repairing your tooth ASAP!

See Our Team For Help With Decay

If you think you have a cavity or have been diagnosed with tooth decay, it’s time to come to our practice to receive the restorative care treatment best suited to your unique needs for restored smile health. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.