Do You Have One Of These In Your Dental Hygiene Collection?

When you’re taking a look through your dental hygiene collection, what do you see? Are you looking at the same toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss you have been using for years? Maybe you have added a tongue scraper because you never liked brushing your tongue, you learned about this accessory, and it has changed your life! Maybe you just have the usual old collection and you’re wondering: Is something missing? Could one more item improve your on-track but not super inspiring selection of goods? Let our Ankeny, IA team run through some things to consider!

A Timer?

We have mentioned this before and we will keep bringing it up. Can you guess why? Well, if you have a timer in your possession, then it makes dental hygiene so much easier! There’s no guessing in terms of brushing time, no wondering if you’re brushing too much or too little, and you’re not accidentally rushing. Instead, you set your two-minute timer, you brush thoroughly, and you learn to pace yourself. Try it!

A Cup/Holder For Your Brush?

You’re using that toothbrush every day, twice a day, for about four minutes total. So, we wonder: Are you keeping it nice and clean and free of bacterial buildup, so you can effectively protect your grin from issues like cavities? Or, are you keeping that brush stored in dark, moist places (like a drawer or in a puddle of water), where bacteria can multiply like crazy? Regardless of what you’ve been doing thus far, remember that promoting your best dental hygiene means storing your brush between uses in the open air. Preferably with the bristles facing up. Grab a cup or holder and you’ll be in good shape!

Something That Tastes Amazing?

Check out the flavors involved in your dental hygiene. If you don’t love each of them, find new products that actually make you smile! It’s worth it.

An Electric Toothbrush?

Again, if you don’t want cavities, gum disease, or any problems requiring restorative care, you’re brushing. We wonder though, are you happy with your toothbrush? If you are shaking your head from side to side because your brush certainly gets the job done but there is nothing exciting about it, then we think you might enjoy using an electric brush. To find out if you love it, if it makes dental hygiene more fun, and perhaps even more effective, purchase a budget-friendly one soon for a test run!

Enjoy New Hygiene Suggestions!

When you’re getting a little tired of your dental hygiene or you are simply interested in broadening your horizons, remember: We are full of knowledge and suggestions, so just ask and we will be happy to share ideas! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.