Find Flossing Frustrating? We Can Help!

If you think that it’s normal for flossing to be frustrating, think again! True, it is common but this part of your dental care at home should not be causing you serious upset. Instead, recognize that when you come in to meet with our Ankeny, IA team for a checkup, it’s a wonderful time to bring this challenge to our attention. We can guide you through everything you need to know in regard to making your oral health care easy and effective. Not really sure you believe us because you really do despise flossing during your oral hygiene? Consider some new ways of looking at care.

If Your Flossing Is Difficult

We know that flossing can feel difficult. This is usually the case when you are trying to floss in a way that makes navigation difficult, that is uncomfortable for your fingers or hands, or that makes it very hard to reach all teeth. To this, we remind you, the flossing part of your dental care can be very easy. Use middle fingers around which you wrap the floss, then move it throughout your mouth with the help of pointer fingers and thumbs.

If You Aren’t Sure What To Use

You might not feel you know the best products or the right products to use for your dental care. So, when you try to floss, you feel less than confident. We suggest you talk with us about options during your next checkup and you’ll see there are many choices!

If Your Flossing Feels Bad In Any Way

You will likely deal with serious frustration if your flossing hurts. Dental care at home should feel perfectly fine. The short answer is to be sure you’re gentle. The rest of the solution: Come in soon, so we can check your method, your oral health, and then help you.

If You Feel You’re Not Successful

If you’re flossing but your teeth don’t feel clean when you’re through, you may wonder why you should even bother! Well, the truth is, even if everything doesn’t feel perfectly slick and clean, your efforts are still helping you avoid problems with your oral health like gingivitis! Of course, oral hygiene should leave you with a clean-feeling mouth. So, as mentioned, when you don’t think you’re on course for effective care, come on in and let us review the steps with you!

See Us For Oral Hygiene Help

Realize that you must floss your smile if you wish to complete effective oral hygiene on a daily basis and then ask yourself what the problem is. If you aren’t sure or you do not have answers, come in and we will help! We can fill you in on all of the information you need. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.