3 Things You’ll Learn During A Dental Visit

You know that there’s education to be had during your dental visits with us! However, as far as what you can expect to learn when you’re seeing us for dental checkups and cleanings, you may feel unsure. What’s this appointment really going to reveal to you about your oral health that you don’t already know, you wonder? As a matter of fact, quite a lot! Find out just what makes these visits so essential as our Ankeny, IA team explains further!

#1: If Your Hygiene Needs Help (Or Not)

When you’re in our chair during your dental checkup and cleaning, you will most certainly discover whether or not your dental hygiene you’ve been performing at home is spot-on, pretty good, so-so, or requires major improvement. Though you may have (hopefully) brushed just before your dental visit, our team can see whether you’ve been brushing and flossing as we suggest or if you’ve been lax with your care. Not to worry! If you’ve been doing a wonderful job, we will simply let you know you’ve done well. If not, we can explain what you’re missing, figure out how we can help you improve, and offer advice tailored to your needs, so you can keep your smile in lovely, healthy condition with ease.

#2: If Your Smile Needs Help (Or Not)

Now, you know if you’re on track with your dental hygiene. The next thing you will learn during dental visits is whether you need any additional care for your smile or if your checkup and cleaning will cover it! When you have tooth decay, gingivitis, or anything else that needs some help, we will recommend it to you! Then, if you wish, you may move forward based on this information toward restoring your smile (or stopping a problem from progressing).

#3: Everything Else You Want To Know

Of course, this depends on whether or not you choose to ask us any questions during your dental visit! If there’s anything at all you’d like to know about your smile, your oral health, dental products, treatments, and more, then your dental visit provides you with the time to ask questions. As a result, you can learn about whatever it is you’d like to know as we flood your mind with helpful details that match up with your concerns or interests!

Make Use Of Your Dental Visits

Schedule your visits with us as a means of keeping up to date with your knowledge of your oral health. Remember that we will inform you about your smile and you will have time to ask tons of questions about your oral health! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.