Sparkling Water: Completely Safe, Mostly Safe, Or Not?

When you sit down to a nice, bubbly glass of sparkling water, do you sip with delight? Or, is there part of you that wonders since soda is so bad for your oral health, whether the same is true of your choice to forego still water for that with more effervescence? We understand your dilemma and, of course, would like to help you with your concerns. The good news is that in short, it’s perfectly fine for you to drink this beverage! As for the more detailed things you’ve been trying to figure out, our Ankeny, IA team is on hand to clarify!

The Carbonation Isn’t A Big Deal

We know that when you’re staring at your bottle of sparkling water and you’re thinking about how bad soda is for your oral health, you make a connection between the two in regard to the carbonation. However, we are here to remind you that it’s not the bubbles putting your oral health in harm’s way. Instead, it’s the potential for acidity. When you consider the acidity of soda, it is quite severe and will most certainly lead to problems for your smile over time if you consume it frequently. However, sparkling water is only barely acidic, meaning it’s pretty close to the neutral pH of still water and it’s completely okay for your smile. Go ahead and enjoy!

It’s Still Hydrating, Just Like Still Water

The water you’re drinking, whether still or sparkling, contains … you guessed it … water. You need this water to hydrate your body, to help you avoid oral health problems that come from dehydration (like dry mouth), and to promote optimal function for all areas of your system. Understandably, you ask whether the stuff that sparkles will help you reach your daily intake. The answer is yes!

Things Get Tricky When There Are Added Ingredients!

Now, let’s clarify something here in terms of water, whether still or sparkling. If the ingredients are just water or just sparkling water (which will usually mean it will say something like “sparkling mineral water”) then all is well. However, the moment there is food coloring, sugar, other sweeteners, citric acid, or flavors involved (even natural ones), that water has likely become acidic. So, read labels and when you want water, be sure it’s just water.

Protect Your Teeth With Advice During Visits

Take time to really take advantage of the education you can soak up from our team members when you visit us for preventive appointments. Whether you have questions about water or otherwise, just let us know! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.