Is Your Child Gagging During Dental Hygiene?

Do you have a kiddo in your household who tends to gag during dental hygiene? This may be something that doesn’t really bother your child but causes you some alarm. Or, this may be an issue that leads to upset and tears and is making hygiene time more and more traumatic. What to do, you find yourself wondering? Of course, we encourage you to set up a children’s dental visit with us, so our Ankeny, IA team may be of assistance. To get started, however, begin with some helpful suggestions.

Check In On Those Flavors

We want you to think about the reaction you have when you bite into something with a flavor that you find to be absolutely disgusting. If you are like many individuals, you gag! Gross! You immediately want to get that food out of your mouth. This is often what’s happening with kids who are disgusted by particular flavors involved with dental hygiene. So, take a tip from your children’s dental team: Try out new flavors and try to gear them toward your child’s preferences!

Review The Toothbrush Size

Remember that children’s dental care requires products tailored to your children, which often means products have a milder intensity, smaller size, etc. So, once you’ve tackled any flavor issues, you may need to consider brush size. Handing an adult-size brush to your child won’t work. Gagging is likely, as the brush and head are far too large! Check for the age range on products to ensure you’re giving your little one just what he or she needs for comfortable care.

Watch Your Child’s Brushing Approach

Take a moment to watch the way your child brushes if you haven’t been keeping a close watch. It’s very possible your child tends to jam that brush much too far toward his or her throat (or that the motions are simply too aggressive). By offering some quick corrections in terms of technique, you can keep gagging from happening for a much happier brusher!

Give Kiddos Enough Time

When you bring your children in for children’s dental care, such as cleanings and checkups, it’s always a good time to ask about dental hygiene. You will note that we always suggest you ensure your children take two minutes to brush. Remember that giving your kids (and yourself) enough time helps you and your kids feel less rushed, so you can take your time, which reduces any anxiety, and makes brushing more comfortable.

See Us For Children’s Care Questions

Whether you have a child who gags during dental hygiene or you deal with other issues you’re uncertain about handling, remember that we offer comprehensive dental care for your kiddos. See us soon! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.