What Are Those Noises My Partner Makes During Sleep?

It’s one thing for the person who sleeps next to you to occasionally talk in his or her sleep or to make other noises that wake you up, make you laugh, and then you report on them with a smile on your face in the morning! It’s quite another when you realize you’re being woken up night after night by strange sounds that seem to point to a problem. What are these sounds, why are they happening, and what can you your partner do about them? To begin, come in for a dental visit with our Ankeny, IA team!

A Grinding Noise

When you wake up to a noise that sounds like your partner grinding his or her teeth (take a closer look if you have enough light, you might be able to see muscle movements), then your loved one may be dealing with something called bruxism. It often happens when one is sleeping and it is characterized as grinding or clenching one’s teeth. It’s not something people have control over. Fortunately, we offer treatment for it in the form of a comfortable oral appliance. Think this may be it? Schedule a dental visit soon!

A Chomp-Chomp Noise

Again, if you are hearing what sounds like your partner chomping those teeth together, this is another way bruxism may be performed. Your loved one may be more prone to clenching teeth together, which may include chomping teeth down and then pressing them tightly together.

Choking Sounds

Are you waking up to your partner choking and gasping for air but then seemingly going right back to sleep? When you mention this in the morning, does your loved one have no memory of the events? It might be sleep apnea, for which you should schedule an immediate dental visit! Treatment is easy! Neglecting the issue, however, yields serious consequences. So, see us soon.

Chainsaw Breathing

We encourage you to ask your partner to come in for a dental visit with our team if you notice that snoring akin to the sound of a chainsaw is occurring on a regular basis. This may simply be excessive snoring, which is treatable with an oral appliance. Or, it may be a sign that sleep apnea is happening, even if you haven’t woken up to any choking noises. Remember: All your partner has to do to learn more is come in to see us!

Come In For Smile-Safe Sleep

When you are certain your partner is making noises in his or her sleep, we suggest your partner schedule a visit with our team as soon as possible. We offer smile related therapy to help with sleep apnea, bruxism, and more! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.