Hey, Why Does My Gum Tissue Look Puffy?

Well now, the answer to the question, is something that we can answer one of many different ways! Of course, there’s a chance that you need our dental care to fix a disease-related concern with your gingival tissue! On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that you have just seriously irritated this delicate part of your smile. With that said, our Ankeny, IA team would like to walk you through some possibilities, as we remind you that the best way to get an answer and to safeguard your oral health is to visit us!

It’s Gingivitis

Is it gingivitis? It could be! Of course, the only way to know what you definitely need is to see our team. Until that time, though, we remind you that gingivitis is the first part of periodontal disease (which progresses throughout further stages, unless you see us to treat it with periodontal care). Essentially, your gum tissue is under bacterial attack, which has left it puffy and possibly red or purplish. You may also feel like your mouth tastes bad and the area may feel tender.

You Ate Something Very Hot

Remember that if you take a big swig of way-too-hot coffee or you sink your smile into an exceptionally hot slice of pizza, you can burn your gum tissue. As you know, burned tissue becomes red and becomes inflamed. So, we remind you to retrace your eating steps and ask yourself whether this might be a possibility before you become too worried about puffy gums.

You Irritated Your Gums

Do you have puffy gum tissue but only in one spot? Ask yourself whether you slipped with the toothbrush, accidentally bit into a chip that stabbed your gum tissue, etc. Sometimes, a minor abrasion or injury can lead to irritation and inflammation that will likely resolve on its own!

It’s Related To A Tooth Infection

You may be seeing what you assume is related to your gum tissue alone but it’s actually got more to do with a tooth problem. When you have an infected tooth, you may develop a sore that comes and goes next to the tooth in question. You may also feel that the area around the tooth seems inflamed, red, etc. So, when you’re recognizing these shifts (which may be accompanied by tooth pain or other symptoms), it’s always a wise idea to come in to visit us just as soon as you can for dental care!

See Our Team For Gum Health Help

When you aren’t sure if you irritated your gum tissue or if perhaps you are dealing with a periodontal problem, our team encourages you to come in for a checkup! Remember, we offer periodontal care should you need it. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.