What’s So Bad About Restorative Dentistry?

You may have noticed that restorative dentistry is often looked upon in a negative light. You may hear friends and family moan and groan about needing fillings. You may feel nervous or upset when you learn you need a dental crown. However, our Ankeny, IA team wonders, have you ever stopped to ask why restorative care gets such a bad rap? When you spend just a bit of time unraveling this mystery, you learn that there’s actually nothing bad about it at all! Instead, it’s something you can most certainly be happy that you can access. Learn more.

Is It Uncomfortable?

You might have heard that restorative dentistry is so awful because it doesn’t feel good. However, the truth is, it actually doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. It doesn’t really feel like anything physically because when we are performing a treatment, your affected tissues are numb! So, the problem that causes you to come in for care in the first place, such as decay or an infection, that might not feel very good. Your nerves may be slightly aggravated after your procedure (for which pain relief medication will absolutely make you feel better). In short: Restorative care repairs your oral health and feels just fine!

Does It Take Forever?

Nope. It doesn’t take very long at all! Consider the fact that we are usually removing bacteria and damaged tissue when you see us for restorative dentistry. We are usually replacing some of your dental tissue or even a full tooth. When you leave our practice, you head home with a filling, crown, or even tooth replacement in place that lets you have your full smile function back! This is all from just a visit with us! It’s quick, it’s efficient, and this one treatment offers years and years of wear. It’s more convenient than you might realize.

Does It Leave Unattractive Changes?

No way! When you come to see our team for restorative dentistry of any kind, our goal is multifaceted. We want to repair your oral health, of course, as that is the primary achievement offered by this field of care. Then, we want to do so with a finished product that looks just as good as your natural smile did before the damage took place. You can always expect your smile to feel better, to be in better health, and to look beautiful (and lifelike) once the treatment is complete!

Schedule The Restoration You Need

Come in to see us if you discover you are in need of restorative care. Set up a visit, so you can receive the restoration you need, which will allow you to head home with a truly healthy smile once again! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.