Your Oral Health: Things You Don’t Want To Mention (But Really Should)

We definitely get how you’re feeling. You have something you’d like to bring up so that you can receive the oral health help you need. However, you might feel overly worried, too embarrassed, unsure about what to expect, and more. So, you just keep your thoughts to yourself. However, when you need to discuss something pertinent to your smile with us, remaining mum on the topic can cause you to miss out on essential care and even simple yet very important advice that you might need. So, consider examples of things you might be leaving out when you see our Ankeny, IA team that we would much prefer you share with us!

All Of My Teeth Feel Sore

Before you feel like you’re just going to have to keep this one quiet, cross your fingers, and hope that something crazy isn’t happening, we remind you: The stress you will cause yourself by not talking with us is going to be much worse than the diagnosis! In fact, we will probably discover that your teeth are just sensitive or irritated and probably as the result of chronic tooth-to-tooth contact from bruxism. Soreness can be alarming but you will find both emotional and physical relief if you come in to discuss your oral health!

I Think I Snore A Lot

Don’t really want to admit this to anyone because you’ve been pretending things are fine for years? We know that if you admit you snore, then you have to do something to fix it, and as far as you can tell, there are no answers. Fortunately, there are! We offer care for snoring and sleep apnea, so no matter how serious it seems, there’s hope in the form of treatment!

I Haven’t Seen A Dentist In Years

We understand that you might feel like you’re the only person who hasn’t been keeping up with your checkups, cleanings, and more! We are also well aware that it can be very difficult to come in to talk with us about your oral health if it’s been something you’ve neglected or only sort-of-cared-for over the years. We want you to know, though, that we like helping all patients at any level of smile health. Don’t be a stranger. Come in!

I’m Not Sure How To Afford Care

Don’t be shy or embarrassed! Most patients are concerned about their finances! If you are, too, and have questions, let us know. We offer multiple solutions.

Bring Your True Smile Concerns To Us

Remember to not only let us know about symptoms and smile-related concerns but also to speak with us about your dental care, affordability, and any other aspect of smile protection that is relevant for your life! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.