Chewing Considerations You Should Keep In Mind

You already know that you should consider the amount of sugar you’re eating, that you should rinse as much as you can, and that your daily dental hygiene and long-term professional dental care are all extremely important! However, you may not spend a whole lot of time thinking about your chewing. Did you know that this area of your life (which you perform every day, multiple times a day) can actually lead to significant oral health issues if you’re not somewhat mindful? Why not stroll through some things to think about with our Ankeny, IA team, just so you know you’re not overlooking anything?

Chewing Should Not Be A Marathon Sport

You may feel that you deserve a round of applause when you take a huge bite out of something, chew for what seems like an hour, and then you manage to make your way through that hunk of food, thoroughly chewing it, breaking it down, and swallowing it. Certainly, it’s impressive when an individual has the strength and determination to do so! However, we remind you that for the sake of your oral health, chewing should not be a marathon sport. Instead, it should be somewhat quick and easy to accomplish or you may end up straining your jaw joints and damaging your teeth. Remember: Break food apart first, take smaller bites, or simply rely on your fork and knife!

Chewing Shouldn’t Hurt

In addition to the fact that chewing should not be a seriously laborious experience, it should also not be one that’s uncomfortable. If you discover that getting through snacks and meals is painful for your teeth, then it is time to tell our team you need a visit, so we can find out what’s causing the problem. Maybe you need restorative care to address tooth decay or an existing infection. Perhaps your tooth is cracked but you don’t know it yet! Addressing such issues ASAP is important, so call us soon to keep your oral health safe.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Sure, you may realize that you have some surprisingly strong teeth and jaws, which causes you to force them to work on your behalf, even when the foods are quite obviously much harder, chewier, etc. than what you should be eating. Don’t put your oral health through this! It will lead to eventual damage or disorders.

Chewing In Your Sleep Isn’t Normal

Has someone mentioned that you chew in your sleep? It’s probably bruxism, it can lead to damage, and we offer treatment, so come in soon!

Let Us Treat Your Chewing Concern

Bring yourself to our practice for an appointment when you realize your chewing is no longer on track. Let us know about your symptoms or worries during a checkup and we will guide you toward answers and relief! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.