If You Break A Tooth, You Should…

Of course, we can offer you all of the advice in the world when it comes to avoiding a broken tooth, which might be something you’re thinking will be of use in the future. For now, however, you want to know: What should I do if I break a tooth? The first response is to stay calm. It can seem very alarming and may cause you to feel shaken up but remind yourself that our Ankeny, IA team is here for you! We offer complete restorative care solutions, so what’s currently broken will be all better in no time. As for the next steps to take, so you can reach that point, consider the details.

Try To Gather Any Pieces

If you happen to break a tooth, then we suggest you do your best to look around and see if you can find any of the pieces! Whether they’re still in your mouth or they have fallen on the ground in front of you, if you do find pieces, place them in a sealed baggie or container and bring them on in with you to your visit to see us. Can’t seem to find any pieces? It’s okay! Just stay calm and call us.

Call Us Immediately

Yep. As we mentioned, you need to contact us immediately if you end up with a broken tooth! Don’t panic. Simply dial us up to let us know that you need a visit right away and explain what’s going on. We would like you to come in ASAP because when you break a tooth, you leave it exposed to bacteria invasion, which can lead to infection. In addition, sharp edges can lead to damage or irritation of soft tissues, and a broken tooth is often vulnerable to further breakage!

Leave The Area Alone

Nope, this isn’t the time to pretend that you are a dentist, as you attempt to examine your tooth closely and figure out a way to solve the problem. Instead, you should leave the area alone to the best of your ability. Don’t poke at it, try to apply anything to it, or press it with your tongue. Simply try to avoid that area.

Chew With Other Teeth

We suggest using your other teeth when you are chewing food! Again, you want to protect your broken tooth as well as you can until we have the chance to see you and fix the issue at hand!

Contact Us ASAP For A Broken Tooth

Don’t ignore a serious problem, such as a broken tooth. Instead, get in touch with our team just as soon as possible, so we may examine your smile and follow through with care to rescue the damaged site. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.