Smile Stain Stoppers: 4 Things To Remember!

Good news on the smile stain front: There are certainly a variety of ways to do your absolute best to stop discoloration from forming altogether! While a bit of natural wear and tear may eventually cause even the most attentive patient to feel like it might be time to schedule a visit for a round of whitening, one thing is for sure: There are decisions you can make that will cause stains to develop very quickly and then there are choices you can make that will dramatically slow down or eliminate the process! Find out what our Ankeny, IA team is referring to, so you can keep your sparkling smile nice and bright!

#1: Your Preventive Care At Home

When the name of the game is preventing smile stains from developing, remember that preventive care at home is one of the most effective tools you have. Remember: Stains form over time, usually as the result of long-term exposure to pigments that work their way into your enamel. When you brush and floss like an absolute champion every single day, you remove the main cause of discoloration, thereby causing the process to slow significantly! Keep up your dental hygiene, so your smile remains bright!

#2: Your Preventive Care With Our Team

Smile stains worrying you? While your preventive care at home is certainly one key aspect of protecting your teeth from becoming a shade (or several) darker, remember that it’s also absolutely essential that you consider the significance of your professional preventive care, too! When you’re coming in for cleanings every six months, we’re removing the buildup that may contribute to staining (as well as problems to your oral health).

#3: Your Dedication To Avoiding Staining Things!

It seems too simple to be true but there really is a very basic cause-and-effect relationship between staining things and smile stains. If you get lots of red lipstick on your teeth? Stains. If you drink lots of coffee without rinsing with water? Stains. If you are constantly snacking on berries? Stains. Dedicate yourself to limiting such items (or remembering to rinse when you’re through) for a better experience!

#4: Keeping Your Enamel Super Safe

We remind you that you also want to keep your enamel safe from erosion, which means delicate care, toothpaste free of abrasives, and mindful daily habits. Protect enamel to avoid thinness that promotes easier staining and that more easily displays the yellow hue of your next tooth layer, called dentin!

See Us For Help With Stains

Let us know if you’re not sure about how to best care for your smile, so you may maintain a stain-free and healthy grin. Follow through, as well, with any desired cosmetic care to address current staining for a clean slate! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.