Things You Think About Fillings (That Aren’t True)

You may have lots of ideas about dental fillings. Some of them may be spot on! However, some of them may be not quite right. Unfortunately, the ideas you have that are brought about due to misinformation can cause you some serious trouble! In what way, you ask? Well, they may cause you to avoid fillings when you really need them, which can lead to tooth decay that becomes much worse and that can even lead to a broken tooth or an infection! Let our Ankeny, IA team help you better understand some things you may think about this simple yet very helpful restoration, so you know what’s what!

Not True: Only People Who Don’t Brush Get Fillings

Remember that people who do brush can end up requiring fillings, too. In some cases, even with excellent preventive care, you may simply miss a spot over and over! In others, you may not brush frequently enough (twice a day!) or long enough (two minute sessions!). Or, you may brush but you might skip over flossing (which can also result in decay).

Not True: A Filling Is A Major Failure

You might look at requiring a dental filling due to tooth decay as a failure of sorts. You didn’t manage to keep your smile in completely immaculate condition, you ended up with a cavity, and you ended up requiring a filling to fix the damage. However, decay and a filling do not equal a failure. Instead, it’s a valuable learning moment, through which you will determine why you developed decay and how to do better and you resolved the issue. That’s much more of a win in our book!

Not True: Fillings Now Mean Tooth Loss Later

You may think that needing any type of restorative care right now is going to mean that you are going to end up losing your teeth down the line. As a result, you may tend to do your best to wriggle out of any restorations you require, worrying that you’re causing harm to your teeth. Actually, when you follow through on things like dental fillings right away, it allows you to protect your smile, to return it to its good oral health, and to preserve as much tissue as possible. With fillings, you stop the progression of decay, so you save more of your tooth, which means better protection against possible damage or loss in the future!

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