Your Sleep Apnea Improvement Checklist!

When what you want is to be able to sleep throughout the night without feeling the next day as though you haven’t, what you need is time discussing sleep apnea treatment with our Ankeny, IA team! You might assume you’re sleeping, only to discover that you’re actually becoming conscious and then slipping back into dreamland all night long, as a result of breathing cessation that happens multiple times an hour. As with any case of obstructive sleep apnea, your throat’s tissues are collapsing in on themselves and you’re wondering: What can I do? Get started with our helpful checklist!

#1: Your Treatment With Us!

Of course, the very first thing you want on your checklist if you’re ready to get your sleep apnea under control? It’s sleep apnea treatment that you can receive from our team. While the primary way we help you is by offering oral appliance therapy, which just means we offer a custom mouthguard that helps your airways remain free of obstruction as you sleep, we offer more than that. You can rely on us to help you better understand this disorder, as we consider your daily life and how certain changes might help you stay asleep!

#2: Skipping Excess Caffeine, Etc.!

Remember to add your caffeine consumption to your checklist, as you remind yourself not to overdo it. For some, this means drinking less coffee. For others, it means you don’t drink any more tea after 1pm. It’s all about how caffeine affects your body. Your goal with sleep apnea treatment and good sleep in general is to be able to fall asleep without fighting the effects of any type of stimulant!

#3: Avoiding All Muscle Relaxants, Too!

On the other end of the spectrum is anything that might to the relaxation of your muscles (which can thereby influence the relaxation of your throat muscles, which makes an obstruction of your airways more likely). Watch out for drinking alcohol too close to bedtime or for taking pills that can contribute to muscle relaxation.

#4: Falling Asleep On Your Side Or Stomach!

Our team reminds you that in order to help your sleep apnea treatment do its thing, it’s always to your benefit to strive to sleep either on your side or on your stomach. This helps keep your throat free of soft tissues that tend to slip backward in back sleepers. If you can make this happen, then it’s a good thing!

Let Us Help With Your Sleep Apnea

Seek help for yourself if you are suffering from severe snoring or sleep apnea or both! Remember that we offer oral appliance therapy and all of the advice you need in order to see improvement with your sleep. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.