Dental Implants: Too Old, Too Young, Just Right?

When dental implants enter the picture as a potential option in your life, you might find yourself having a hard time grasping the details of candidacy. You might wonder if you’re “too” this or “too that” and what it really takes to be someone who can choose implants. While it may initially seem like a challenging concept, our Ankeny, IA team is happy to report that we can help you quickly see the details and qualifying factors in a clear and organized way. Remember: When you’d like to talk about your smile and actually consider implants in a serious way, come on in!

About “Too Old” And Implants

We know that no matter your age, there are times when you may find yourself wondering if you have missed the mark. Are you too old, you wonder, for dental implants? Were you supposed to have considered them sooner? Are they simply meant for younger smiles than your own? The good news in terms of age as it goes up is that there’s no limit. Age isn’t really factor that might limit your candidacy. What limits you is problems, such as oral health diseases, damage, jaw tissue concerns, and more. However, it’s perfectly possible to be any age and to have either a healthy or unhealthy smile! So, if you are worried that your smile health may hold you back, let us know. We can help!

About “Too Young” And Implants

Let’s swing back into concerns about not being old enough for dental implants now. The answer here is that yes, a child or teenager or even very young adult might be too young to receive one. The reason? The only successful way to place an implant is to place it into jaw tissue that is not still developing. Your child’s smile may continue to grow until 18, 19, 20 … you get the idea. To find out definitively whether the answer is a yes or no (and for some help planning for the future and for current tooth loss concerns), visit us!

The “Just Right” Of Candidacy

You may have been able to gather just enough of the implied facts to piece together what it takes to show up as a good candidate for dental implants. With that said, let’s offer you a quick rundown of details:

  • You must have a smile with health that’s in good standing (if not, remember there’s restorative dentistry for that!).
  • Your jaw health must be in good shape (or you may need treatment to improve it)

See Our Team About Your Candidacy For Implants

When you think that dental implants sound like an interesting opportunity but you are also aware that you don’t really know much about them, it’s time to come in to talk with us! See our friendly team very soon! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.