Don’t Ignore Your Kids’ Cavities! 

You may not necessarily feel the urgency of seeing our Ankeny, IA team when your child needs a dental filling. Maybe you aren’t too worried about consistent dental checkups just yet because your child still has baby teeth (more on that later!), you may assume you have lots of time to treat tooth decay, and there are other details that might cause you to feel you can address your kiddos’ cavities (or potential cavities) whenever you happen to find the time. With that said, we would like to offer you a bit of important insight that helps reveal why it’s so very important to detect and treat any and all decay immediately, so you can keep your kids’ smiles in excellent condition now and for the rest of their lives! Learn more.

Even On Baby Teeth? Yes!

You may think that ignoring cavities in your child’s baby teeth is no biggie. We can definitely understand what might make you think that this is the case. However, we also remind you that even baby teeth require dental fillings when tooth decay is present. The reason why? They do not exist in isolation. Instead, their presence impacts the gum tissue surrounding them, nearby teeth, and most importantly: The developing permanent teeth that are soon to follow. Protect your child’s lifelong smile by keeping deciduous teeth safe.

Early Treatment Is Important

A reason that you don’t want to not only consider the tooth decay that may affect either primary or permanent teeth … but also how quickly you address those cavities … is the fact that early treatment is very important. Remember, when you pay attention to your child’s oral health and your child receives required restorative care as soon as problems develop, it limits the amount of tissue damage that can take place. When you let problems progress for a while, it just means that more and more tissue will become damaged. This is the smile your child will have for life, so you really need to keep it safe!

Detect Problems With Checkups

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, that you’re very invested in your child’s oral health but you’re worried: What if you don’t realize your child has a cavity and needs a dental filling? Fortunately, we can offer you the relief you need! We remind you that when you keep up with your child’s dental checkups and cleanings, we will detect changes (like the presence of tooth decay) often before you can even find it. So, long story short: Keep up with preventive care!

Address Kids’ Cavities With Fillings

Remember to come in if your child has a toothache or if it’s simply time for your son or daughter’s next dental checkup, so we can keep teeth in exceptional condition for long-lasting oral health. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.