Don’t Let Your Toothbrush Get Lonely! 

When you’re having trouble remembering that your brushing isn’t enough to maintain a completely healthy smile, we like to offer our help. Remember that your dental hygiene also needs to include flossing and that even when you’re on track with this part of your smile care, you still need to see our Ankeny, IA team, too! So, what can you do to keep in mind the different aspects of preventive care that are ever-necessary for you to maintain your oral health? Just try to remind yourself not to let your toothbrush get lonely! Allow us to explain a bit more…

Your Toothbrush Needs A Friend: It’s Floss!

Sure, you apply toothpaste to your toothbrush during dental hygiene but that process isn’t going to be enough to provide your smile with the cleansing it needs to remain healthy. When you’re actually doing your best with dental care at home, you’re also flossing. So, try to remind yourself that without the daily visit of dental floss, your toothbrush is going to get lonely and your smile is going to suffer as a result! Just floss one time each day during one of your dental hygiene sessions for success. When you do so, not only are you removing a significant amount of plaque and particles from your tooth surfaces, but you’re also getting those little areas that your brush bristles cannot reach.

Don’t Ignore Your Toothbrush

So, you’re not brushing twice daily? Only sometimes? Again, we remind you: Don’t neglect your toothbrush! When you leave it alone for too long, it’s likely to feel as though you’ve chosen to cast it aside! (Of course, we know that your toothbrush doesn’t really feel this way, since it is, in fact, a toothbrush … however, playing along can help you remember your dental care!). Visit your brush twice a day, morning and evening, so you’re giving it the attention it deserves and so you’re also giving your smile the cleansing it needs for optimal preventive care!

Don’t Hide It Away!

Just think of how terribly alone your toothbrush will feel if you toss it into a dark space, such as a drawer! Let your toothbrush remain out in the open, where it is in good company with everything else in your bathroom, where the light, air, and sun can reach it (so it can thoroughly dry between dental hygiene sessions), and so it’s ready for you to use successfully! Remember that when you don’t allow it to remain in the open air, bacteria will start to multiply on those bristles, which you probably aren’t interested in consuming the next time you brush!

See Us For Complete Preventive Care

Remember to complete the preventive dental care that you’re working so hard to maintain by not only brushing and flossing at home but also by coming in to see our team for your dental checkups and cleanings! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.