Your “Where” Questions About Smile Care (And Easy Answers)

You might have some questions about smile care that come and go! Over time, you may occasionally notice some trends in your questioning! If you are like many of our Ankeny, IA patients, you realize that you may end up with a lot “where” questions that you just can’t quite seem to sort out on your own! Of course, no matter what type of inquiry pops into your mind, we remind you that we are always here to guide you toward the particular information you need that will help you support your oral health! For now? Let’s start with some common where-related thoughts you may have been curious about lately!

Where Should I Store My Toothbrush?

It’s a common question and a very good one in terms of your smile care. It may seem insignificant at first but figuring out where to put your toothbrush once you’ve used it is actually a big deal! When you leave it out in the open, such as with bristles up in a cup, you give it the chance to dry when it’s not in use. This allows bacteria to not accumulate, so you’re putting a safe brush back into your mouth during your next dental hygiene session. The final word? Don’t stash it in dark, damp places!

Where Do I Need To Focus My Brushing?

We often find that patients are curious about the part of their mouths they need to spend the most time considering. When you ask where you should focus your brushing, the answer will always be the same and might not necessarily be what you expect: Everywhere! Remember that each and every dental surface requires equal attention and cleansing because plaque covers your entire smile. You want to remove as much bacteria as you can (as well as leftover bits of food), so your mouth is safe and sound!

Where Should I Get My Teeth Whitening?

Feeling a bit curious about cosmetic smile care? You may have hopped online only to find that you can pick up whitening kits at the drugstore, at department and cosmetics stores, you can order them online, and the list goes on. The good news here is that there’s always just one answer: From our practice! Don’t try your own cosmetic treatments. They’re not safe and may prove ineffective. Instead, visit us for your every smile need and want!

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