3 Times You Know That It’s Checkup Time!

Does the idea of scheduling a dental checkup sound just fine to you? However, when the detail of “when” arises, you don’t have any answers as to what might motivate you to select a particular moment for setting up your dental exam? No problem! You, like many of our Ankeny, IA patients, have the best of intentions for your smile but you just need a little push in terms of this aspect of your preventive care. Let’s review some of the times you know for sure that contact our team ASAP is essential and you’ll catch on more quickly than you might expect!

#1: When Your Last One Was Six Months Ago

One of the easiest ways to realize that it’s time for a dental checkup? To ask yourself when you last had one with us. If it’s been six months or longer, then it’s time! We suggest you set up visit with our team every six months because that means you’re seeing us twice every year, as consistently as possible. The result? We can keep your smile clean of plaque and tartar, which offers you exceptional protection against hygiene-related issues. We can monitor the function of your smile, offering treatment if you need it, as well.

#2: When Your Breath Is Atrocious

We remind you that bad breath is no laughing matter, when it’s something that keeps hanging on. If you brush and floss and it goes away, then it was likely something you ate. If it sticks with you like a shadow, then you will want to set up a dental checkup the moment you realize your breath is not something you can fix. It may mean you need a cleaning or it could mean you need restorative care. In either case, we’ll tell you what needs to happen, so you’re back to a healthy (nice smelling) grin.

#3: When There’s Pain Present

If you deal with oral-related pain, then there’s no question about it. It’s time for a dental checkup with us! Rather than ignore a potentially serious problem or deal with discomfort for any extended amount of time, simply call us. See our team for a visit. You’ll have answers, you can receive any required care, and you can say bye-bye to pain and hello to your comfortable grin!

Schedule Time For Your Checkups With Us

Don’t ignore the fact that dental checkups provide you with a comprehensive examination, so we can guide you toward any care you require or send you home with a clean bill of oral health! Call us soon! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.