Crown Placement: What Does It Mean?

You know that dental crown placement is part of restorative dentistry, which means it takes place in order to repair your oral health in some way. However, if you’re just recently learning about crowns and all that they do for you, then you may be short on answers (which doesn’t necessarily help you feel empowered and excited about choosing to follow through with our recommended restorative care). To help you feel educated and fantastic about saving your grin with this treatment, our Ankeny, IA team is here to lay out the details you’re looking to gather up!

It Means Full Tooth Structure

First, remember that your dental crown is going to be a prosthetic made of lifelike material that’s shaped like your tooth. Only, it’s hollow inside. So, the placement of a crown means we’re going to prep your tooth and then permanently bond the prosthetic over that tooth. This immediately restores the structure of your tooth, so any damage stops negatively influencing your bite, your appearance, your function, and your tooth’s stability.

It Means Natural Tooth Protection

Maybe you thought that your broken or decayed tooth would be just fine if you were careful. Perhaps you figured you would just have to come in for a filling soon. However, when you visited our team, you learned that your tooth has been extremely vulnerable to worsening damage and that what it needs in order to continue standing and to survive is coverage! Remember that the placement of a beautiful dental crown will allow the natural tooth beneath it to thrive, so it doesn’t break, so it doesn’t become infected, so you don’t have to have it removed, etc.

It Means A Cohesive, Beautiful Smile

What’s your smile look like with a very damaged tooth? Bad, you say? Keep in mind that the placement of a beautiful, custom-crafted, color-matched dental crown composed of porcelain or zirconia means that your smile is going to look so much better. It’s like giving you a brand new version of your natural tooth, which makes for a more uniform appearance to your smile.

It Means Restored Oral Health (And Balance)

Remember that little detail: The one about restoring your tooth and, essentially, your oral health? Yep. That’s also what you can expect from a crown. Depending on the reason for your crown, keep in mind that its placement may help seal out bacteria, give your tooth back its strength, and rebalance your bite!

Learn About The Many Benefits Of Crowns

Come in soon to learn all about how the placement of a beautiful dental crown can positively impact your smile! Receive the restorative care we suggest and you’ll see that your grin is back on track! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.