Sensory Spaces: At The Library

When planning to head out for a nice experience in our Ankeny, IA community can mean sensory overload, you may choose the library as a quiet and relaxing environment. However, depending on the time of day and the particular events scheduled, this venue may prove to be just what you’re looking for or just the opposite. With that said, our Kirkendall Public Library has begun offering special hours, called Sensory Spaces, which may offer you the enjoyable environment you’ve been seeking.

What Is Sensory Spaces?

Sensory Spaces is a special hours program provided by our local library. During the dedicated time, the library will offer a space that’s sensory friendly, so all individuals benefiting from quiet book browsing and more will be met with a pleasant, calm library experience. Enjoy additional services and programs for a truly enjoyable outing!

Where Will It Take Place?

Enjoy this program at the Kirkendall Public Library, located at:

1210 NW Prairie Ridge Drive
Ankeny, IA 50023

When Is It Happening?

Sensory Spaces will take place on August 24th, 2019 from 8am to 9am.

Who May Attend?

All are welcome! The program is offered for families, as well as individuals.

Can I Learn A Bit More?

Of course! Contact the library at (515) 965-6460 for additional details.

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