Sleep Apnea: What Do I Do For Improvement?

If you are a patient with sleep apnea … or you’re a patient that thinks you might have this sleep disorder … you know that improvement is something you need to figure out right away. Unfortunately, the very important details regarding how to make that happen seem to be something you cannot put your finger on. Not to worry: Our Ankeny, IA team is here not only to offer sleep apnea treatment (should you need it) but also to help you navigate your way toward better sleep!

Speak With Your Doctor!

You may wish to talk with your general practitioner about your exhaustion and what you think may be the result of sleep apnea. This will help you determine whether there are other health concerns contributing to the way you’re feeling (or not). Your doctor can then refer you to a sleep center, where you will be able to undergo a comprehensive sleep test.

Let Us Help

Not really very interested in having to undergo sleep observation? That’s perfectly fine! Remember that you may also speak with our team about determining whether or not you need sleep apnea treatment. We can provide you with an assessment you can administer on your own, in the comfort of home. Remember that the sooner you come in to discuss the details with us, the sooner you can begin gathering answers and insight (and getting started with treatment, if it suits your needs).

How Your Sleep Will Change

You will no longer just crawl into bed and drift to sleep. Now, you will place your sleep apnea treatment in your mouth and then get into bed to go to sleep. You’ll be pleased to learn that this is the sole step in your treatment with us. It’s called an oral appliance, which you may know better as a mouthguard or nightguard. It will most certainly prove to be a comfortable experience, while it very carefully and slightly corrects the way your jaw is positioned during sleep. Rather than allowing tissues to collapse, which can block your breathing (contributing and causing sleep apnea symptoms), it will help keep those tissues alert and apart from one another, so breathing can continue on without interruption. Ready to learn more about making your sleep better? Just give our team a call!

See Us To Learn More About Sleep Improvement

Take into consideration the fact that your exhaustion may be caused by sleep apnea and that our sleep apnea treatment, which is noninvasive and drug free, may provide you with the improvement you need! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.